Friday, November 15, 2013

"The Equinox Imperative." Scratch Building a 677 & 350 Equinox.


Just recently received a huge gift from Rick, below are a couple of pictures of the prints he sent me. Working on something nice for him. Will be updating this post with a lot more updates and new pics soon.

In 2008, at Wonderfest, I was contracted to build a Nova class ship in scale with the Revell Voyager. I started working the research as soon as I got home. This is the story in pictures and word of that certain adventure.....

I wanted to stay true to Rick's original creation, so I started with his blueprints.... I then built a maquette out of cardstock and a low poly CG model.

I then started refining the basic shapes and used some online prints until I had reworked the original Sternbech blueprints. Not yet shown.

Below you will see some more of the scratch building process involved in the 677 scratch part of this story...

I'm going to skip ahead here a little bit. The bottom line being this, when I took the Equinox parts that I had scratch built to Wonderfest to show to the person that contracted me, I kinda got a lackluster response... A little bit later that year I had the 50" Refit shipped here and about half of it was totally trashed, so since we had to order a couple of parts for the Refit, I sent a model three of us had worked on of the Nova class. I wanted to match the protoyped version with the scratch built version I had made. You will see some of that below. Before the "Equinox" arrived I went ahead and made cheap molds of the parts I had mastered thus far. I need these resin parts for making corrections and creating the "Rhode Island."